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December 13

Christmas Break

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December 14 – January 2



December 25

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December 31

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January 3

Art Day


January 10

MLK Jr Day

Monday – No School

January 15

Wacky Wednesday


January 31

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February 7

Open Enrollment


February 14

Student Led Conferences


February 19

Open House

Monday 6:30pm-7:30pm

February 19

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February 28

Art Day


March 6

Spring Break

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March 11-22

Palm Sunday


March 24

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March 27

Good Friday

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March 29

Easter Sunday


March 31

IOWA Standardized Testing

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

April 8, 10, 12

Art Day


April 17

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April 24

Open House

Monday 6:30pm-730pm

April 29

Last Day of School


May 10

First Day of School

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Theme Days & Class Parties

EO believes that community and culture are crucial. We are intentional in providing our students opportunities to connect, encourage and support each other.

IOWA/Standardized Testing (2023-24 School Year)

EO strives to challenge our students.  One of the ways we help ensure this is through providing standardized testing.  Every other year, our students from grade 3 and up are tested.  The test results are reviewed by EO leadership and given to the families.  EO uses these as a tool to help us learn how to better support our students and staff through training, curriculum and more.  It also allows families to see how their student is doing in comparison to the national “average” student.

The exact date will be announced as the time nears, but this occurs in the spring semester.

Field Trips

Our students enjoy learning both inside and outside the classroom.  Each year families, teachers and leaders are encouraged to find new adventures that help students grasp and enjoy what they are learning, as well as introduce them to the topic through hands-on activities and stories…and some of them are just plain fun. 🙂

In 2022-23 some of our field-trip highlights were: Shepherd’s Cross, Pumpkin Patch, a local Farm, the Tulsa Zoo and Urban Air.

BizTown (2024-25 School Year)

Junior Achievement BizTown combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to a simulated town. This learning experience will allow our students to operate banks, manage restaurants, vote for a mayor and more. They will apply what they have learned in school to life in the real “simulated town” world.  JA BizTown will be for our 5th and 6th grade students. This experience supports national and state standards in reading, mathematics, social studies, and work and career readiness.

Students are introduced to budgeting and money management principles from the Bible and Dave Ramsey concepts. They learn how to be good stewards of finances and how that applies to the workforce world.

The course has been taught on Fridays. The 5th-6th grade students can be picked up at 2 pm on BizTown dates.

Following participation in the learning experience, students will be able to:
  • Discuss the roles they play as citizens, workers, and consumers in their community and relate those roles to the free enterprise system.
  • Discuss the importance of citizen rights and responsibilities in a community.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the free enterprise system.
  • Build money management skills through a practical knowledge of economic concepts and banking practices.
  • Develop an understanding of basic business practices and responsibilities.
  • Display the soft skills necessary for successful participation in the world of work.

Wall Builders (2024-25 School Year)

Our High School students to make a one day trip to WallBuilders outside of Dallas, TX for their Collections Tour. It is a working research library and museum with historical documents collected by David Barton and Tim Barton. It is not an ordinary museum experience! It is interactive and there are some modern day features as well from classic movies. With new additions to the collection each year. We’ll travel early in the morning, be there for the day and be back in the evening. This fits with what our students are studying in History and will be a primar for them before and as they plunge into American Government. The date will be announced soon.


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