Grades 5 & 6

Mondays, Wednesdays & Friday 8:00-2:00

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Students build upon what they have learned so far and continue to seek growth.  They enjoy a curriculum that pushes them to do their best.  Continuing to pursue their education they find new adventures and fun tasks that prepare them for moving up to middle school.  Creating fond, yet profound memories, and preparing them for a lifetime of learning, the curriculum and community spur them towards constant growth.

Tuition – $3,300/yr

Physical Education

Get your blood pumping and build endurance, all while having fun.


Enthusiastically diving into the curriculum cultivates students’ passion for their relationship with Christ. They will begin to engage in their faith through discussing scripture.

IEW | Writing

Introducing research into their writing skills encourages students to push themselves and find new ways to be creative.

Fix It Grammar

Interactive learning helps students to grasp grammar concepts through engaging stories.


Continually growing in their typing abilities students set all new personal bests and push their limits through a fun program.

In coordination with grammar and writing skills, students increase their comprehension through understanding Latin and Greek, which serves as a foundation for much of the world’s vocabulary, so that they have a deeper understanding.
Enrichment | BizTown

Through writing checks and helping operate a business, students begin to comprehend economics, business, money and numerous additional life skills.


When students focus on spelling they are able to be more intentional in their writing as well as present themselves better on paper.


Diving into the classics, students begin to unearth some of the best adventures while understanding new depths of character development.


Seeing God as an intelligent Creator empowers the students to engage with science on a deeper level.


Students start to ask the tough questions about what happens to shape history, as well as why.


Continuing to develop their mathematical skills students push the envelope.


Students become increasingly familiar with the essentials of Spanish structure and vocabulary.


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