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Why a hybrid school?

Elevate Oklahoma, a Christian Hybrid school program is a unique way to facilitate a customized alternative for families. Whether they are novice or veteran home educators, a hybrid homeschool program is a valuable option as it provides the assurance and structure that empowers parents. EO is a safeguard against the current disruptions to the education process. Students love the positive social environment, while parents appreciate the balance between home and school life. Our culture is utilizing the education system to subvert the values that Christian families hold dear. We ensure the accountability and oversight that parents need. It maintains that the chief influencers over the hearts and minds of the children are the parents; the very ones to whom they have been entrusted.    – Carla Showman (History, Bible Worldview & Logic Instructor)

Do you meet in person?

Yes, our class format is designed so that students are able to have interactive discussion and as well as hands on learning to aid in their learning process. Meeting in person allows our students and staff to build relationships and have unique learning experiences.

Can I take classes a la carte?

Yes, all of our grades are set up so that you can take classes a la carte.  However, we recommend the full course because it allow for more time to build community and a more cohesive education, especially for the elementary students.

My student has ___, how do you help support?

With our small classrooms and amazing instructors, we have seen that many students regardless of personality or diagnosis can thrive at EO.

IEP: We are not a school with the public funding or design of educating IEP students. Please note that this does not mean that we do not accept IEP students, but it means that we will need to discuss what all your students needs are to see if they will be a good fit.

Medical Condition: We do not have nurse(s) on site. We do however cover basic first aid with our staff and do our best to educate/support based on the specific condition/needs.

Epipens & Inhalers: We ask that you alert us to whatever known allergies/allergens your student has. We have some students/familes who prefer to have it in the school office. We have others who prefer to keep it in their bag. Either way, we just like to know what my trigger them and where to look. All of our staff are provided with a list of the students who may need these rescue items. We do have snack time and are not a nut free site. However, we do make sure to discourage sharing because of allergies.

Are teachers accessible outside of class time?

Yes, our teachers want to set your students up for success.  They also enjoy feedback from parents to help ensure that the student is getting all of the support they need.  At the beginning of the year they will provide contact options in the syllabus so that you are able to ask any and all questions you may have.

What denomination/religion are you?

We are an interdenominational school.  We believe in the core tenants of Christianity (see our Statement of Faith) and for the details, we leave that up to each family.  We believe that it is important for all Christians to see each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and want to foster that mindset.

What style or method of schooling do you use?

In short, we utilize a combination of many of the learning styles. Elevate Oklahoma is a Christian hybrid school program that is not labeled. We are purposely unique. Not every student learns the same; therefore, we teach using a variety of methods. We picked what we believe is the most effective approach and curriculum for our students and allows everyone to get the same instruction yet still learn in their own learning style. This blend is seen in our classrooms, in our curriculum and in our homes. We teach each course from a Biblical perspective. The goal of our instruction is love with a good conscience and sincere faith. We teach to increase knowledge within our students’ minds (soul), but do so in a way that they own it. Higher level thinking and questioning is promoted, practiced. We do not consider ourselves a co-op. The closest description is like a school for homeschooled students and yet, not a school. We definitely consider our Christian hybrid program option as the best of both worlds, a wholesome, positive classroom environment and experience along with the benefit of time at home where the family dynamics remains influential and strong. 

What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum is carefully cultivated. We picked curricula that best fits our tenants of faith and academic excellence. While, we did not pick one publisher for all of our curriculum, our scope and sequence does build upon itself so that students are continuing to grow and laying solid foundations. It reflects many different teaching styles. Our scope and sequence is set up to meet all Oklahoma standards for High School graduates.

What safety measures do you have in place?

Our building is secure with all outside doors remaining locked, as well as any rooms that are not currently in use, remaining locked. If an external door is being used, it is being monitored. Additionally, we ask some of our dad’s to volunteer as a Dads on Duty. This helps provide an additional layer of security. All of our instructors as well as our Dads on Duty undergo background checks and child safety seminars periodically.


1439 E. 71 St. Tulsa, OK 74136



(918) 319-9474