Grades 7 & 8

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As students start middle school they begin to enjoy and pursue their education with a greater depth.  They are challenged to find creative solutions to problems as well as process and analyze scenarios with clarity.  Consequently, students grow exponentially in their educational abilities and confidence.  They are encouraged to challenge themselves and find new ways to be passionate about their studies.

Tuition – $3,780/yr


Helping students learn the vocabulary to expand their horizons and understanding of other cultures.


Students are equipped to discuss and become passionate about their faith. Through prayer and journaling they build a deeper relationship and connection with their Savior.

History | Literature

Learn about HIStory through the ages and how to apply and learn from the past to improve our future. As well as, increasing student understanding why it is important to analyze what we read and encouraging critical thinking. Students learn how history impacts more than just stories, but also impacting government, geography and worldview, as well as how one nation’s history can shape world history.


Developing processing and critical thinking skills equips students for their future. The curriculum is engaging and provides ample practical application.


Exploring and understanding the creativity and power of our awesome God through studying Science.


Students continue to polish their typing skills.


Helping students understand the essentials of writing academic and professional papers so that IEW meets application.

Language Arts

Empowering students to learn how to speak and write confidently through grammatical skills. Through the power of stories, they build editing skills and understand the importance of the different functions within grammar.


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