Grades 1 & 2

Mondays & Wednesdays 8:00-2:00

+ Fridays 8:00-12:00 *

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Begin to cultivate a love of learning that will last throughout the ages.  Students begin to understand the basic principles and start practicing the application in a variety of subjects. This is done through hands on learning and return demonstration that encourages them to actively take part in growing their education. The Christian curriculum helps students to start off on the right foot – all while enjoying the interaction with their peers and the hands on learning activites.

*Class on Friday is an opportunity several of our families have requested and we are happy to oblidge.  We know that each of our families has different preferences and want to offer Fridays as an opportunity for those who are interested without inhibiting the educational experience of anyone else in the class.  Friday classes will allow for students to work through homework with their teacher and do more hands on learning like experiments and using manipulatives.

Tuition – $2,500/yr

Phonics | Spelling

Develop a passion and establish roots, as students build their vocabulary through an engaging curriculum that teaches the rules of reading and spelling while emphasizing comprehension.

Physical Education

Get your blood pumping and build endurance, all while having fun.

Bible | Penmanship | History

Students will learn scripture and songs that teach them about what it means to be a Christian and learn about God’s love for us. They will also learn about writing legibly and be encouraged to do their best. Additionally, they will get to develop a passion for history so that they see it as more than stories about old guys in wigs.


Students will get to explore science through a curriculum that is fun as well as reinforces biblical truths and an understanding of God as the Creator.


Learn your numbers and math facts through manipulatives, as we lay the foundation for math.


Students will start to become familiar with the key ingredients that make up the better sentence, so that they begin to process and think grammatically correct more naturally.


Igniting the passion for adventure through reading books.


Students will begin to learn practical skills on computers starting with typing.


Growing their vocabulary, students start to enjoy understanding fun new phrases.


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