Grades 3 & 4

Mondays & Wednesdays 8:00-3:00 + Fridays 8:00-12:00

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Students begin to learn the practical applications to the foundations that they have been taught.  They begin developing passions for the different subjects and enjoy a curriculum that challenges them in encouraging new ways.  Students enjoy being proactive and productive in a strong community.  Class activities aid the individual students providing a sense of accomplishment and success when they finish their assignments.

Tuition – $3,300/yr


Students begin to see how the past can help us shape a better future. History is taught through hands-on and with stories so that students comprehend what actually happened, as well as why it happened.

Physical Education

Get your blood pumping and build endurance, all while having fun.


Through multifaceted approach students will learn what it means to live as followers of Jesus and operate in Godly character.

Literature | Read & Think

Reading is more then just an adventure in a book. Students learn to process and analyze as they read which increases their cognitive processing skills seamlessly.


With the foundation set for math, students begin to launch into the next level. Their curriculum encourages them to do better than they did previously, so that it becomes a fun competition with yourself.


This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to build a culture that fosters learning. It is an opportunity for them to work together on homework and build each other up.


Students continue to build their typing skills so that they are able to set and meet new milestones in their abilities.


Students enjoy interactive learning that encourages curiosity in exploring the what God has given us.

IEW | Writing

Consistently, students are encouraged to start bringing their writing to a fun new level. They are encouraged to be creative and descriptive while writing clearly and cohesively.

Daily Grams | Penmanship|Spelling | English

Through these courses, students continue to grow in the essentials so that they are building their tool box for their future education.


Building their vocabulary continues, as students start to grasp the structure and rhythm of a second language.


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