Pre-K & Kindergarten

Mondays & Wednesdays 8:00-3:00

+ Fridays 8:00-12:00*

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Class Overview

Students get to explore and learn the beginning concepts of education without pressure.  We instruct using a colorful curriculum focused on Christ.  The teaching structure utilizes a variety of formal and informal activities.  This program includes learning about: letters, sounds, numbers, and basic math skills, music, art, and Bible.  These courses are taught in a fun way that teaches students learning and school can be fun.  Our students enjoy lots of physical movement and hands-on activities as they grow scholastically while building a great community.

*Class on Friday is an opportunity several of our families have requested and we are happy to oblige.  We know that each of our families has different preferences and want to offer Fridays as an opportunity for those who are interested without inhibiting the educational experience of anyone else in the class.  Friday classes allow for students to work through homework with their teacher and do more learning through hands on experiments and using manipulatives. For those who attend all Fridays there is an additional $525 added to their tuition.

Tuition – $2,625/yr


This is an interactive learning opportunity for students. We focus on feeding their creativity and inquisitve nature so that they become excited and invested in growing as a student while having fun.

Physical Education

Students have an opportunity to get the wiggles out, learn how to move their body and get their blood pumping, through fun games and stretches.


Students will learn scripture and songs that teach them about what it means to be a Christian and learn about God’s love for us.

History & Science

Engaging social studies and geography with a biblical worldview through a variety of activities including hands on learning.

Learning about how God made us and our amazing World through stories and experiments.


Setting up the foundations with the basics of numbers and addition. Students engage in hands-on learning through manipulatives.


This is class time that is set aside for students to explore their passions for learning, as well as model what it looks like to be a student and friend.


Learning the key ingredients for a new language at a young age is a fun new challenge filled with unique interactive activities.

Phonics, Reading & Penmanship

Teaching students the essentials and laying the groundwork for reading through letter recognition, sounds, handwriting, blending and more. Students work on properly forming letters on paper, reading left to right across a page and properly holding their pencils so that round letters move the pencil in a counter-clockwise direction around the circle portion of letters. They work on learning how their mouth should be shaped and where to put their tongue when sounding out the letters and words.


Students begin to learn how to type. Reinforcing their muscle movement at this early age helps set them up for future successes through a colorful program.


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